9 Best Beaches In Aruba

Aruba is a paradise for beach lovers, offering some of the most stunning shores in the Caribbean, keep reading to find out the 9 top rated best beaches in Aruba!

9. Rodgers Beach

Rodgers Beach is a serene and picturesque spot, tucked away near the island’s oil refinery in San Nicolas. Despite the industrial backdrop, the beach itself boasts soft white sands and calm, clear waters, making it ideal for a peaceful swim or a relaxing day in the sun. The juxtaposition of the nearby refinery adds an interesting and unique element to the landscape, reflecting Aruba’s blend of natural beauty and industry. Rogers Beach is less crowded than some of the island’s more famous beaches, offering a tranquil retreat with an authentic local vibe.
This beach has no facilities, but travelers can easily walk over to the connecting Baby Beach for food & drinks, and restrooms.