Welcome! A little bit about us..

Hey there! Here at Luxy Trips, we are dedicated to crafting those jaw-dropping, unforgettable journeys that match your unique style and preferences. We get it – planning a getaway can feel like tackling a mountain of choices, that’s why we’re here.. to sprinkle some magic dust on the whole process! From pinpointing that dream destination to sorting out where you’ll rest your head and what adventures await, we’ve got you covered. Consider us your personal vacation gurus, handling all the details so you can just sit back, unwind, and soak up those unforgettable moments. We would LOVE to help you plan your next travel journey!

Specialty types of travel include:
All Inclusives, Honeymoons, Anniversaries, Family Vacations, Group Trips, Specialty Cruises, River Cruises.

We also specialize in the below destinations: